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Nurturing Student Relationships with God

Outreach Activities

Throughout the course of the school year, all students take part in a variety of age appropriate missionary activities.

Weeks of Worship

Weeks are set aside each school year for special spiritual emphasis. 

Chapel and


The student body meets every Monday morning for chapel. High School students meet daily for worship. 



The entire student body meets for a family-style worship the second Friday of each month in cross-age groups led by a faculty member. 


Skagit Adventist Academy is a school founded on the principals of Seventh-day Adventism. We rely on God's Word, the Bible, to shape our activities and curriculum. Our main objective is to help our students develop a solid Christian character while emphasizing strong academics. We believe embracing Christian values and being given opportunities to make good choices molds strong Christian leaders for tomorrow. Service is emphasized, awakening students' sensitivities to the needs of their community. 

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