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Student Perfomance

Academic Excellence is the standard expectation at SAA. Annually our students are tested from grade 3 to grade 12 against all other private and public schools in the country.

SAA's educational methodology is designed to build as your child progresses through the grades.  As you can see in the chart below, by the time our students reach 7th grade, they are in the 93.5 percentile of schools in the US or, in other words, the top 6.5% of all schools in the country. By the time our students reach 12th grade, they are in the top 5%.

Percentile Rank-US Schools

On average over the last five years, based upon this national testing, by the 5th grade our students' grade equivalent is 1.65 years ahead of grade level, by 7th grade their grade equivalent is 2.68 years ahead of grade level, and by 9th grade, their grade equivalent is 3.6 years ahead of grade level.

Post Secondary Opportunities
SAA graduates have received an outstanding education during their school life at SAA. Many go on to colleges and universities around the country. In fact, over the last three years all but one graduate (92%) were accepted into and attended college. Being in the top 5% of all schools nationwide in 12th grade has gained SAA the reputation of producing high academic achievers, helping our students as they apply to the college of their choice.

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