Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch Meals begin Monday, August 27

Lunch Bucks are for sale in the school office and can be paid for by cash or check. You may pay for lunches with cash each day (exact amount, please), or use Lunch Bucks that are convenient because they can be purchased in advance and then put into your child’s back pack. That saves you the mad scramble in the morning looking for the correct amount of lunch money. Please note that the Small option is only available for pizza and burrito


Prices: $3/Small, $4/Medium, and $5/Large. Drinks 50 cents.

Monday: Haystack (taco salad with beans and chips) - Medium and Large

Tuesday: Pizza and salad—Small (1 slice), Medium (2 slices), Large (3 slices), $1 for

each additional slice

Wednesday: Hot dogs (vegetarian), chips and veggies—Medium, Large (2 hot


Thursday: Burrito (Taco Bell), fruit or veggies—Small (1 burrito), Medium

(2 burritos), Large (3 burritos)

Friday: Pasta Bar, veggies, bread

Lunch Bucks come in the following increments: 50 cents, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00


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