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5th and 6th Grade

Each student that walks in my door is a masterpiece created by the Master himself.  Viewing my students through God's eyes helps me focus on how I can help them in their day to day life - with their relationship with God and others, with their academic performance, and with their self-concept.  Satan wants to decieve these students into thinking that they are not worth God's time, not worthy of  His grace and love.  I plan to fight these deceptions every step of the way, teaching my students how loved and precious they truely are.  As a class, we are focused outwardly by helping in other classrooms, doing community service projects, and taking on global mission projects.

Watching my students learn is the highlight of my days.  In my classroom I focus on learning - not on getting done.  If we need to do something over again, and maybe over and over again, in order to learn, then that is exactly what we will do.  I make every effort to vary lessons to diverse learning styles and create a variety of learning opportunities in each subject.  We do most of our work on laptops which allows students to work at their own pace and spend more time on areas that are difficult for them.  We all live in an information age and students are bombarded with immense amounts of information daily.  It is my job to teach them to be critical thinkers who will use their skills to become careful consumers of that information.
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