Faculty & Staff
  Aubrey Fautheree
 Aubrey Fautheree loves sharing science experiences in and out of the classroom with his students. He shares not only his love of science but is committed to focusing the student’s attention on the Creator God who loves them and has created everything they study in the classroom. While academic advancement is what school is all about Aubrey believes that through positive relationships with his students both intellectual and spiritual growth will occur. An active learning experience is what Aubrey strives for in all of his classes.  

Aubrey graduated from Southwestern Adventist College with bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Secondary Education. He furthered his education at Boise State University earning a Master’s degree in Secondary Science Education with an emphasis in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Before joining Skagit Adventist Academy, Aubrey and his wife, Jan taught at Palau Mission Academy and Gem State Academy.

Aubrey’s goals for students at Skagit Adventist Academy are:

  • To develop a personal, experiential, relationship with their Creator-God.
  • To become active, lifelong learners who are curious about their world and the organisms that share it with them.
  • To recognize their responsibility as stewards of the world that God created for us.
  • To be tenacious students who aren’t afraid to work hard to accomplish their goals.

  Lynn Fiedler
  Administrative Assistant
  360-755-9261 ext 300
Lynn Fiedler gets excited about making work processes more efficient, always making improvements to filing systems, communication, and work flow. She also loves to improve her physical environment with paint, plants and art. She is passionate about Christian Education, having dedicated much of her life to it either as a student, employee, or parent of two children in Adventist schools.

Lynn was born in Nebraska (go Cornhuskers!) but was raised in the Pacific Northwest. She attended Kirkland Junior Academy (Now Puget Sound Adventist Academy) grades 1 to 10 where she met SAA’s principal Doug White as a fellow student. She then went to Auburn Adventist Academy where she met her husband, Mike Fiedler.  Lynn’s most memorable college experience was living a year with three different English families while attending Newbold College in England.  Buying an old rusted Anglia car she and her husband traveled all over England, as well as throughout Europe by train.

In addition to living in England, Lynn also lived in Zambia, Africa, for two years, teaching typing and providing secretarial assistance to the Headmaster at Rusangu Secondary School.  Her favorite getaway spots were Victoria Falls in Zambia and Chobe Game Farm Park in Botswana.

Workplace experience has been primarily as an Executive Assistant at institutions such as Upper Columbia Conference of SDA, in education at Loma Linda University and Auburn Adventist Academy, and in healthcare at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California and Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Oregon.

Lynn has two daughters, Chandra Ham in Newberg, Oregon, and Karisse Lee (married to SAA’s Matthew Lee) and four beautiful grandchildren.

Hobbies include almost anything artsy and musical. She plays the accordion, piano, organ and harp, with a current interest in providing harp therapy in retirement and nursing homes.  Interior design is a particular interest, and she is currently taking a stained glass class. Other interests include community outreach projects, travel outside the US (Great Britain and Australia in particular), gardening, and being with her grandchildren.

  Nerida Habenicht
  360-755-9261 ext 307

Graduating from Helderberg College in South Africa, Nerida has an AA degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Western Governors University.

Nerida and her husband Dave have two sons and one daughter who have graduated from SAA. When she is not working at SAA, Nerida spends her time helping manage the Walla Walla University - Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory in Anacortes where Dave is the Campus Director. The Habenichts moved to Anacortes more than fifteen years ago and feel blessed to have been able to raise their family in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Nerida’s goals for SAA are:
  • That the school will be a light in the local community, serving those around us.
  • That the faculty and staff at SAA will be instruments used to lead students into a deeper relationship with Jesus 

  Jaimie Kraus
  First Grade & Second Grade
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Jaimie Kraus is an out-going, professional, and creative teacher that finds new and interesting ways to present each concept. Now teaching grades 1 and 2 at Skagit Adventist Academy, Jaimie previously spent four years teaching at the middle school level. Blessed by growing up in a strong Christian family, Jaimie understands the love of her church and God. With these values instilled at an early age, she wanted to choose a career where she could share her love for both. “I feel blessed to have found a job at Skagit, where I have found an incredibly supportive community that has helped me grow,” states Jaimie. Her positive attitude is pervasive with students and staff alike.

A graduate from Auburn Adventist Academy, Jaimie received her bachelor’s degree from Pacific Union College in Angwin, California, in 2003. Jaimie worked as a substitute teacher until she began teaching full-time at Skagit Adventist Academy in the 2005-2006 school year. Now in her 10th year of teaching, Jaimie is known by her colleagues as a consummate professional that constantly has a smile and creative knack for turning the negatives into a positive.

During her free time Jaimie tries to spend as much time as possible with family and friends. She enjoys planning and using her breaks and is especially happy if her vacation involves time spent on a roller coaster.
Jaimie’s goals for her students this year are:
  • To see Jesus every day and to know that He will always love and be with them through ALL things.
  • To have each child feel love and security in learning and exploring new concepts.
  • To spark an enjoyment of learning that will continue on through life.

  Taryn Dillon
  Third Grade & Fourth Grade
  360-755-9261 ext 309

Taryn Dillon is an exuberant teacher because she wants to share the love for learning while painting a loving picture of the Savior for her students.

Committed to quality learning opportunities, Taryn has taught for 15 years and still gets excited when she witnesses a student mastering a concept. In addition, she also finds great joy watching current or previous students commit to Christian values and a spiritual walk with God. Mrs. Dillon’s organization and energy is contagious in the classroom, and she looks forward to every day that she gets to spend with her students!

Mrs. Dillon attended and graduated from Walla Walla University with a BS degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education. She has furthered her education by taking classes during the summers to remain certified with Washington State and with the North American Division of Education. She has completed the Washington State professional certificate program.

Taryn and her husband Robert have two girls. Robert is a home health nurse. They enjoy their family time and use it to travel, cook, and spend time on the lake.

Mrs. Dillon’s goals for her 3rd and 4th graders are:
  • To encourage a love for learning and reading for enjoyment.
  • To paint a loving picture of our Savior and encourage a personal relationship with Him.
  • For each student to learn to be Peacemakers and the positive ways we can interact with each other.

  Tami Rowe
  Fifth Grade & Sixth Grade
   360-755-9261 ext 314

Tami Rowe is a caring and insightful teacher that uses her twelve years teaching at SAA to challenge her students to a strong academic standard. Tami has dedicated herself to using the best practices in teaching based on current research. Mrs. Rowe also has a zeal for students to have not just a head-knowledge of God but a heart-knowledge of God that leads them to a life lived passionately for Him.

Mrs. Rowe graduated from Walla Walla University with a BA in Business Administration. After ten years in the business field, she substituted in the Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classrooms where she became hooked on teaching. She earned her Master of Arts in Elementary Education from University of Phoenix two years later. Mrs. Rowe has taught Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 6th grade, Junior High, and now is teaching 5th and 6th Grades.

Tami and her husband Scott have two sons who are both graduates of SAA. Scott enjoys working as an accountant at a Bellingham based business. Tami and Scott spend their spare time in various outdoor activities with their family.

Mrs. Rowe's goals for her students are:

  • To prepare them for life with the skills they will need to live successfully for God.
  • To inspire and ignite a life-long love of learning.
  • To encourage responsibility, creating great citizens, both of the earth now and of heaven for eternity.

  Rachel Mountain
  Jr. High and High School English & History
  360-755-9261 ext 321

With over 20 years of teaching at Skagit Adventist Academy, Rachel Mountain has the
teaching experience to keep up with the high school students. Known to set high
standards, this bright and witty teacher often challenges students to produce work that
shows solid progress towards college entrance. Mrs. Mountain is highly organized and is
seen as a leader among her colleagues and students. She loves the chances to interact and
develop relationships with students as a result of the family atmosphere on campus. “I
like being able to share my faith, and I enjoy the privilege of watching students grow,
leave the school, and now come back as responsible and contributing Christian adults.”

Growing up in the Midwest, Mrs. Mountain received her BA degree from Union College in
Lincoln, Nebraska, and a Masters in Teaching from Grand Canyon University. In 1991
Rachel taught 5th-6th grade and for the next 16 years provided homeroom for 7th-8th
grade while teaching some 9th-12th grade classes. After a period of teaching mainly high
school classes, Mrs. Mountain is again dividing her time between junior high and high school.

“I have four kids at home!” Mrs. Mountain laughs when asked about her life outside of
school. “They're pretty much my life right now." In addition Mrs. Mountain is an avid reader
and enjoys knitting (even in staff meetings) and scrapbooking when she can find the time.

Mrs. Mountain's goals for her students at Skagit Adventist Academy are:

  • Have a personal relationship w/Jesus and develop the confidence to share that relationship with others.
  • To become independent learners and thinkers.
  • To develop life-long (eternal) friendships with classmates and teachers.

  N. Jan Fautheree
  Jr. High Reading & Bible, and High School Bible
  360-755-9261 ext 323

Jan Fautheree loves Jesus, His Word, His church and His young people!  It is her desire for students at SAA to know and love Jesus, His Word, His church and His people.  Mrs. Fautheree enjoys creative projects, energetic thinking students and ample classroom discussion.  She has a deep interest in Biblical studies and church history and sincerely appreciates the opportunity to share this interest with her students.

Mrs. Fautheree grew up in the Midwest and graduated from Maplewood Academy in Hutchinson, Mn.  She earned a B.A. in Religion and an A.S. in Social Work from Southwestern Adventist University and recently completed a M.A. in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis in Bible Literacy from Concordia University, Portland, OR.  Before coming to SAA Mrs. Fautheree taught Bible for 16 years at Gem State Academy following a one year teaching experience at Palau Mission Academy, Babeldaob, Palau.

Mrs. Fautheree is the mother of two boys, Eli' who currently attends SAA and 'Bree who is attending Walla Walla University.  She is married to Aubrey Fautheree, SAA's Principal.  She enjoys reading, crafting, entertaining and baking and invites you to Friday night cinnamon roll fellowship! 

  Monte Saxby
  Math 8, High School Math, Physics, Technology Coordinator
  360-755-9261 ext 320

Monte graduated from Walla Walla University and received his masters degree from Central Washington University. Before arriving at Skagit Adventist Academy, he taught at Anderson School (Zimbabwe), Sunnydale Adventist Academy, Cascade Christian Academy, and Mount Ellis Academy. His quirky personality and sense of humor make him great to be around both in and out of the classroom.

Some of his favorite things are baking, fly fishing, biking, skiing, his cats and being outdoors. He is married to June and has two sons, Craig and Glen. Glen is currently in an emergency medicine residency at the University of Toledo, and Craig is a math and Spanish teacher living in Wenatchee.

One interesting fact many may not know, Monte and his wife have visited every county courthouse in Washington and Montana.
530 N Section St • Burlington, WA 98233-1568 • 360-755-9261