High School Physical Education
My goal for high school physical education is for students to further develop their skills and knowledge to produce the confidence needed to maintain a lifetime of physical activity and fitness. In addition, I seek to instill an understanding of how we can better fulfill God’s plan for our lives when physically fit. Throughout their time in my classes, students will develop a variety of sports skills necessary to become competent not only in the activities that are taught in class, but also in activities learned later in life. The curriculum includes activities such as mountain biking, disc games, badminton, pickleball, basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and softball. In addition, students learn to set up personal fitness plans based on fitness principles such as FITT, progression, specificity, and overload, then improve fitness through application of these principles.

Click here to view K-10 physical education objectives based on the Seventh-day Adventist Standards for Physical Education.
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