K - 8th Grade Physical Education
My goals for K-8th physical education are to help develop the skills and knowledge necessary to help students become confident participants in a variety of activities, and to help students understand the relationship between physical health and God’s plan for our lives. This starts in the earlier grades with a foundation in basic locomotor (running, hopping, skipping, etc.) and manipulative (throwing, catching, striking, dribbling, kicking) skills, as well as the ability to play safely and fairly in a group environment. These skills are developed further throughout the elementary and middle school years through various team and individual sports, as well as other recreational activities. In addition, students learn to track fitness through the use of FitnessGram testing, heart rate monitoring, and recording progress in various fitness activities.

Click here to view K-10 physical education objectives based on the Seventh-day Adventist Standards for Physical Education.


Pictures courtesy of Ms. Paise & Mrs. Wisdom

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