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One of my primary goals for my students is the 3R’s: respect, responsibility, and readiness.  Students should respect not only their teacher, classmates, and themselves, but more importantly, God.  They need to develop responsibility: being in class every day, staying on task, keeping track of assignments, and sharing information as needed with their parents.  Finally, students are expected to be ready—be in class on time and have assignments, paper, textbooks, and pencil with them. While in class I want my students to not only learn the subject matter but also to learn valuable interpersonal skills (communication, flexibility, initiative, etc.) that will help them become a valuable member of their community.

8th Grade English Syllabus

8th Grade Spelling Syllabus

9-10th Grade History Syllabus

11-12th Grade History Syllabus

English I-II Syllabus

English III-IV Syllabus

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English III-IV Courage Poems

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